Does your horse follow you willingly where you wish to go, or do you always meet resistance?
Can you load your horse into a trailer, on the wash-rack or across water without force?

an you simply think about asking for a gait - walk, trot, canter, halt or backup and your horse gives it to you and then maintains it until you ask for a change? 
Can you ride your horse bareback and bridleless?

Can you ask your horse for upward and downward transitions without kicking or pulling?

Can you ride without using your reins for balance?  Do you have an independent seat?

Can you ride without tie-downs, draw-reins, shank bits with curb chains or other restraints or do you rely on these in order to "control" your horse?

Can you clip your horse's bridle path without the use of restraints? 

id you answer "NO" to any or all of these questions?
Would you like to learn how to get "YES" answers?

Mickey can show you how the power of Natural Horsemanship will make you a better rider no matter what discipline you prefer.  You will learn the importance of being a good leader for your horse.  You will gain an understanding of how horses think and will become better equipped to eliminate common behavioral problems.  You will develop a partnership with your horse that begins with groundwork and carries over into riding.  And, as you get more sophisticated in your natural horsemanship, you will see a difference in both you and your horse.

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Updated:   February 05, 2014

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